Upgrade to v21 was stopped

You’re seeing this warning because the default login page was completely rebuilt and the older version was removed including any custom modifications made to your login page.

Only the visual template part will be lost during upgrade, all settings and other data is still there.

Are there any migrations?

The only thing that can be migrated is your logo image. Other changes would be too complex to migrate to the new style.

How to proceed?

  1. You don’t have complex changes on your login page and want to switch to v21 with the new login page.

  • Goto System/Online Update and click on update to force the update.

  1. You want to talk to your IT support and/or designer first and prepare the update.

  2. You have a custom theme provided by us? Please contact your IAC reseller.

What you get

The new login page provides many advantages

  • Multiple pre-defined templates

  • Drag’n’drop elements to your theme

  • Add custom images (on the page but also the background image)

  • Custom texts with custom translations

  • Change present translations

  • Embed iframes for external content

  • Support for multiple pages (Show your menu, COVID informatin, feedback from, …)

  • Improved responsive layout that renders nicely on any device

  • Updated technology under the hood