Autologin Devices

This manual describes the function and configuration of Autologin Devices.


  • Important devices should be added as Static Single Device.

  • Verify that there are no duplicated entries in the autologin list.

  • The IACBOX does re-assign unused IP-addresses only if the DHCP-range is full. Verify that the Surf-LAN configuration does cover the network requirements.

With the function Autologin you can add devices by their IP or MAC address so that they automatically get logged in and require no further user interaction.

Every configuration, except for the Static Single Devices, will automatically log in a device, no matter which kind of traffic was send. There are 5 different modes for Autologin devices.


The configuration of Autologin devices is quite easy and straightforward. All the management is done under Users/Tickets / Autologin devices. You can enter the corresponding data manually or you assign devices directly from the list Clients Online. Subsequent editing is possible at all times.


  • Note that after every change you will need to perform a Service Restart.

  • If you are about to add or modify an autologin entry, make sure that all tickets of the device are being revoked beforehand at Users/Tickets / Overview.

Static Single Device

This autologin mode does work like the common autologin mode for every IACBOX since version 4.0.6562.

You need the IP-address and the MAC-address of the device you want to add. By adding the device, a static DHCP lease will be generated automatically.

This mode is the most secure one, but the device will permanently occupy a license slot.

Dynamic Single MAC

This Autologin mode is based on the MAC-address of a device. If the device is active in the Surf-LAN, it will automatically get online without the need to access the login-page of the IACBOX.

Dynamic Single IP

Just like Dynamic Single MAC you can add an IP-address for a device, which then will be automatically set online as soon as any traffic is recognized by the IACBOX.

Dynamic Wildcard MAC

With Wildcards you can specify a MAC address by using wildcards. As soon as a device matches the wildcard and is being recognized by the IACBOX, it will get online. This mode is very helpful if you want to add alot of devices with similar MAC addresses (e.g. Access Points).


Dynamic Wildcard IP

Similar to Dynamic Wildcard MAC you can assign a range of IP-addresses by using a wildcard.

172.30.110.* - -
172.30.110.?? - -

Using Lists

Uploading and Downloading IP or MAC address lists is also possible on the Autologin Devices configuration page for mass import or export operations.