Fixed Bandwidth

This manual explains the use and configuration of the fixed bandwidth. This feature is especially useful for a guaranted bandwidth/access speed for guests of the IACBOX.


  • The fixed bandwidth is meant to be used with exclusive VIP tickets only and should

    never be used on multiple tickets at the same time.

  • After enabling/disabling this feature the IACBOX needs to be restarted.


The fixed bandwidth should only be used for a single VIP ticket. Although the configured fixed bandwidth will not be reserved permanently, it can cause huge disturbances within the network stability when used incorrectly.

Tickets with fixed bandwidth should only be created in the WebAdmin of the IACBOX.

This feature is using bandwidth shaping, which means that the required bandwidth will be allocated as soon as the ticket with fixed bandwidth is online and does require it.

Enabling the fixed bandwidth

In the WebAdmin menu of the IACBOX navigate to Network / Settings and activate the fixed bandwidth within the Bandwidth Management.


Here you can define the amount of the fixed bandwidth. Please note that you must have enough bandwidth available for regular tickets within the Shared Download/Upload Bandwidth.


Afterwards restart the IACBOX!

Configure a ticket template

In the WebAdmin of the IACBOX navigate to Users/Tickets / Templates and create a ticket or edit an existing one.

Then enable the Fixed Bandwidth and configure as desired.


Then save the ticket template.

Please note that the automated creation of tickets with fixed bandwidth (for example via PMS) can result in system instability! The fixed bandwidth is not meant to be used with multiple tickets.

Activate for VLANs

If you use as shared bandwidth, then you can also assign a fixed bandwidth to VLANs. This means that the whole VLAN will be using the same configured fixed bandwidth (shared).

Modification of these settings is made under Network / VLANs.


Activate for Autologin Devices

The fixed bandwidth can also be used for static autologin devices. Please keep in mind that multiple fixed bandwidth devices can cause instability in the whole network.