Unattended Setup

This manual describes how to use the unattended setup of the IACBOX which allows you to install the system with pre-defined settings.


  • The unattended setup only works when installing from USB stick


Starting with IACBOX version 4.0.6790 there are 4 pre-defined profiles for the unattended installation included on both, the USB and ISO image.

  • 01_uas2nic_en.uas Installation with 2 network cards, english language

  • 02_uas2nic_de.uas: Installation with 2 network cards, german language

  • 03_uas3nic_en.uas: Installation with 3 network cards, english language

  • 04_uas4nic_de.uas: Installation with 3 network cards, german language

If you are installing multiple systems with the same basic settings, then you can create your own unattended setup file. In order to get started simply copy one of the files (.uas) from above and perform the according changes with an advanced text editor. Please note that text editors like Windows NotePad can potentially break the file formatting. Notepad++/Kate is suggested.

After opening the file with an according text editor you can directly edit all basic settings for this profile. Please note that the profile shown in the FT-Setup will be named after the file name, so it is suggested to use an easy to memorize filename. Also the file extension must be named .uas in order for this profile to be recognized. After this is done the file can be copied directly on the USB stick.


By starting the IACBOX installation from an USB stick you now will find your new UAS profile in the Unattended Setup selection screen.


Here you can select one of the UAS profiles with the SPACE BAR and get started by selecting Start Express Setup with TAB.