This manuals describes how you can create and restore Backups. Backups can be created manually or copied automatically via FTP/FTPS once a day.


  • Backups can only be restored on a system with the same version, excluding the patchlevel

  • Backups which were created while or before a hardware failure could be inconsistent and should therefore not be used

  • The system administrator is fully responsible to configure and create backups



Content of a backup

Following data will be saved with the backup file:

  • Instances of tickets

  • Ticket-Templates

  • Configuration (WebAdmin)

  • Logos & Designs

  • License Information

Creating a Backup

A backup can be created in the WebAdmin-Menu System/Backup. Click on download to create and save a backup file to your locale computer. The filename contains the IACBOX version, the patchlevel, the date and the time of creation.

For example: IACBOX_2010091401_20170123030014_V17.0.11166.bkp

Restore a Backup

To restore a backup open the WebAdmin-Menu and navigate to System/Backup. At Restore browse for the backup-file on your local computer and hit start. Please note that the version of the backup and the target system must match.

Automatic FTP-Backup

In the WebAdmin-Menu at System/Backup activate the Remote Backup and enter all necessary credentials of your FTP account. With a click on Start you can verify that the creation of the backup and the file-transfer to the FTP-server is working.

  • If you have configured a weekly restart in System/Services, the restart will be delayed until the automatic backup has finished on that day.

  • It’s suggested to enable the automatic backup to a time in which there is low user activity on the IACBOX.