System Migration

This manual describes how to migrate an active IACBOX system onto new system.


  • With the exception of version 17.2.11676 (see special case), backups can only be applied to systems with the same base-version.

Creating a backup

Before migrating a system, a backup must be downloaded. This can be done at any given time in the WebAdmin menu System/Backup. The backup contains following data:

  • Instances of tickets

  • Ticket-Templates

  • Configuration (WebAdmin)

  • Logos & Designs

  • License Information

Now that this data has been secured, the backup can be uploaded on a new IACBOX system by using the same WebAdmin menu, System/Backup - Restore.

Migrating on new hardware

When migrating to new hardware, the same IACBOX main-version from the base system must also be installed on the new hardware. As an example: If the base system is running on version 17.0.11166 (p11450), then version 17.0.11166 must be installed on the new hardware. This will ensure compatibility in between the backups from either system.

After the same version was installed on the new hardware, a backup from the base system can now be applied on the new system.


  • Backups will also restore license information from the base system - if both systems are running simultaniously with the same license, then the license may becomes invalid.

  • After changing hardware, the IACBOX license must be unlocked in the my.iacbox partner portal. Therefor find the according license in the list of all your licenses and right click on it to find the Unlock License menu entry. After unlocking a license, it can be activated on new hardware.

Migrating on a new IACBOX version

There are a handful of reasons why the IACBOX must be reinstalled:

  • The kernel of the system is simply too old to support any newer updates

  • The initial installation was performed with a 32-bit release and does not receive any new updates

  • The system administrator wants to migrate to a brand new IACBOX version which is not available via Online Update yet

After the installation image (ISO, USB) of the new version was obtained from our homepage or the my.iacbox portal and a bootable medium has been created, download a backup of the existing system. Now install the new version of the IACBOX according to the IACBOX Installation Manual.

After the installation has finished, navigate into the WebAdmin menu System/Backup of the freshly installed system and restore the backup which was created on the old system. After the backup has been applied, the IACBOX will perform an automatic reboot.

Migrating to version 17.2.11676

The brandnew IACBOX version 17.2.11676 was designed to be compatible with backups from version 17.0.11166 (p11450). System administrators can install the new version 17.2.11676 and simply restore a backup from a fully updated version 17.0, which then will work out of the box.


  • This will only work with backups from fully updated version 17.0.11166 systems with patchlevel p11450. Backups from earlier versions can not be used.