Migration to Version 17.2


In order to upgrade from IACBOX version 17.0 to 17.2, the Online Update will perform a complete system migration. This means that the system will be replaced with a renewed base system - and all settings and tickets will be migrated back to restore the previous state.


  • Create a manual backup before starting the Online Update.
    • This process can take up to one hour.

    • While migrating, the IACBOX will restart multiple times. The migration is done if you can reach the WebAdmin and its version equals 17.2.

    • The online update may not be interrupted under any circumstances - otherwise the system will likely become inconsistent and must be reinstalled manually.

    • If the automatic migration fails, the old version 17.0 will be restored automatically.

    • After a successfull migration your sytem version will be 17.2 but since the Online Update was triggered, further available patchlevel versions may be installed automatically after a short delay.

    • 32-bit Hardware is no longer supported and wont receive this update.