The IACBOX is not starting


The IACBOX system is not starting anymore.



  • If the system hangs right after the IACBOX was freshly installed, then it is most likely that the SATA controller setting in the BIOS was not set to AHCI. This is being mentioned in the Basic BIOS settings section of the IACBOX Installation manual. If this is the case, then the IACBOX must be installed again after the BIOS settings were changed according to the manual.

First of it must be determinated if the IACBOX does randomly hang while booting, or if it does report an explicit error message. That for, a monitor and keyboard must be plugged in and the system must be restarted. If the system randomly hangs, then this indicates a hardware problem with the most likely reasons of an overheating CPU, a defective memory, or a defective hard drive.

As for now, there is only one explicit error message which will state that the file system is defective:


If this is the case, then the file system was destroyed. This can happen whenever the system does get shut down unexpectedly (e.g. power failures). In some cases, this can also indicate a defective hard drive, which definitely should be checked by an administrator on-site. As for the file system, there is a chance that it can be repaired. The according steps are documented in the Rescue Boot manual.