Data Privacy (GDPR/DSGVO)

This manual describes how to configure the GDPR/DSGVO settings for the current european data regulation laws (last big change introducing GDPR was on 25th May 2018). The IACBOX offers according privacy settings to comply with the current regulations.


  • The separate module Privacy Toolkit allows you to create and download reports automatically, depending on your current IACBOX configuration (including administrative permissions, active modules, etc.).

  • The Data Privacy settings are available on all IACBOXes version 17.2 and patchlevel 12221 or newer. If the Data Privacy setting is not available on your IACBOX, perform the Online Update.

WebAdmin Menu

The Privacy Settings can be found in the WebAdmin menu Settings / Data privacy.


Deletion Options

The Deletion Options can be configured to either directly delete data after the configured amount of days - or to anonymize it and delete it sometime later.

Default Options:

  • Anonymize after 182 days

  • Delete after 365 days

Privacy Policy

Configure if the privacy policy should be shown on the IACBOX Login Page and which contact email address will be listed in it.


  • If the Login API is used, then it is required to activate according privacy policy settings in the Login API configuration file instead.

Access Logging

If activated, the activity of WebAdmin users will be logged in System / Application log whenever a WebAdmin page with sensible data is being accessed.

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