Rescue Options

This manual describes how to repair a corrupted file system after a power failure.


  • These options are valid for version 21 and newer


  • A corrupt file system can be caused by a defective hard drive.

  • Depending on hardware or software failures, it may not possible to repair a corrupt file system.

Repair file system

In order to repair a faulty file system, plug in a USB stick with version 21 on it and proceed by starting the Standard Installation. After the setup loaded, select Expert Mode.


In the next window, press F2 to activate the rescue options Rescue Menu and Repair disks. To repair faulty file systems, select the Repair discs entry.


Inside this menu, select Scan partitions.


Then return via Back and select Repair partitions. Inside this menu, select each partition to check for errors and perform repairs.


If errors were found, you will be prompted to repair them. After this step, navigate back to the main menu and exit the setup via Exit. Now you can attempt to restart the system to check if the repairs reverted the damaged partitions.


  • If this process could not repair the faulty partitions, then there is a chance that the damage was caused by faulty hardware (dying hard drives), in which case those have to be replaced.