This manuals describes how you can create and restore Backups. Backups can be downloaded manually in the WebAdmin menu System / Backup or exported automatically to your FTP server on a daily base.


  • Backups can only be restored on a system with the same major version, excluding the patchlevel version. For example: If your system is on version 19.0.14604 (p19039), then you can import any backup created with version 19.0.14604, no matter the patchlevel version

  • Backups which were created while or before a hardware failure could be inconsistent and should therefore not be used

  • It is suggested to create a backup strategy after the installation. Daily backups via FTP are easy to set up and allow you to quickly restore the system in case of failure.



Content of a backup

Following data will be saved with the backup file:

  • Tickets

  • Ticket-Templates

  • Configuration (WebAdmin)

  • Logos & Designs (excluding the LoginAPI profiles, these have to be downloaded manually)

  • License Information


  • Whenever the license does get activated on system, it will be locked to one of the available MAC addresses. If you use a backup to restore an existing configuration on a new system (e.g. new hardware or new virtual machine), then the license has to be unlocked first, so that it can get activated on the new system again. To do so, log in into your partner account, navigate to the overview of your licenses and then right-click the according one and select “unlock license”. After this, manually perform the online registration in the WebAdmin menu System / License to lock the license to the new system.

Connection Tracking

If this option is enabled in the WebAdmin menu Settings / Connection Tracking, then you can set up the backup to export the accumulated connection and proxy data. Two new files for connections and proxy data will then be exported with every automatic FTP backup.

Creating a Backup

A backup can be created in the WebAdmin-Menu System / Backup. Click on download to create and save a backup file to your locale computer. The filename contains the IACBOX version, the patchlevel, the date and the time of creation.

For example: YOUR_SYSTEM_V19.0.14604 (p19039)_20210102120000.bkp

Restore a Backup

To restore a backup open the WebAdmin-Menu and navigate to System / Backup. Click Restore and browse for the backup-file on your local computer, then hit start. Please note that the major version of the backup and the target system must match.

Automatic FTP-Backup

In the WebAdmin-Menu at System / Backup activate the Remote Backup and enter all necessary credentials of your FTP account. With a click on Start you can verify that the creation of the backup and the file-transfer to the FTP-server is working.

  • If you have configured a weekly restart in System / Services, the restart will be delayed until the automatic backup has finished on that day.

  • It’s suggested to set the automatic backup to a time at which there is low user activity on the system.