What is the IACBOX?

The IACBOX is a license-based captive portal software for HSIA of mobile devices in a WiFi network. This award-winning, Linux-based all-in-one WiFi portal solution is developed and maintained in Europe (Austria) and has been rolled out so far roughly 8000 times all over the world.

It comes with its own operating system, includes all the necessary services and interfaces, an array of features for bandwidth management, traffic shaping, authentication and login methods as well as an easy, no-code editor to create individually designed login pages.

What is it used for?

The letters IAC in the product name stand for Internet Access Control. This is the essential purpose of IACBOX. Its advanced and flexible features allow to customize the software to the requirements to a wide range of use cases, basically in any network where users go online with mobile or cabled devices they bring along, regardless if they are company-owned or private, wireless or wired, one-time or regular, known or unknown users/guests.

How does it work?

The IACBOX will create a sperate guest network for WiFi Internet access and play the part of the DHCP server, passing all the traffic through the IACBOX where authentication, restrictions, logging, filtering, traffic shaping, and so on will take place. This set-up guarantees maximum vendor independence: the system can be operated with virtually any brand of WiFi hardware .

It comes with two interfaces, one for OfficeLAN (uplink + workstations/company network) and a sperate SurfLAN (guest or BYOD network). Optionally, a third interface can be used, the so-called ManagementLAN (with office workstations, printer, hotel software etc.), and the OfficeLAN becoming a pure uplink.

Where is the IACBOX operated?

The IACBOX is installed on-premises on standard hardware or VM and can be integrated to an existing or new network setup, with virtually any brand of routers, switches, and access points. The APs are set to Bridging Mode. This is the standard operation mode of IACBOX, requiring the real IP- and MAC addresses of the user devices. The randomized MAC is also fine, as it remains normally stable per saved SSID on a device.

The option of a cloud-based and routed IACBOX is supported, with the restriction that it has to rely on IP addresses only.

How is the IACBOX administrated?

Once installed, the IACBOX offers a wide array of self-managed and/or automated access features organised by Login Methods and Ticket Templates. See the respective descriptions in the manual for more details.

Every IACBOX comes with some standard templates for instant use, but in most cases, these will be edited to suit the requirements of the individual customer.

This can be done by the IACBOX partner, a third party service provider or the customers’ staff. The IACBOX WebAdmin surface allows creating Admin users with finely granulated access management. Also, the WebAdmin can be made accessible online via the my.iacbox partner portal or, with the VPN tunnelling module, from any server of your preference.

Altogether, the IACBOX is the vendor-independent captive portal solution with the best value for money on the market, concentrating the most useful features in one scalable, low-maintenance solution of reliable, future-safe quality.