Password Login

Starting with version 7.0.8982 of the IACBOX, guests can now also log in by using a simple password instead of the known username and password combination. This functionality is called Password Login and can be used with several modules like:

  • Regular Ticket Login

  • Email Login

  • SMS Login

  • Online Payment

  • External Authentication

  • Local Users

To use the password login, it first has to be activated in the Login Page Login “Order of login methods”. To get there, navigate to Login page / Login Page Editor. Here, edit the currently used theme. If you have not decided on a theme yet, then a preview of all existing presets can be found here: Login page designs

After clicking on edit on the currently used login page, find and click on the Login box 1 in the left bottom part of page.


This will open the Order of login methods on the right upper side. Here, select Password Only / PIN and then click on Save*.


You can immediately see a preview of the Password Login in the center of the page. In case the Password Only / PIN login method shows a warning icon, this likely means that no Ticket Template has been created to be used with Password Login. To change this, navigate to Users/Tickets / Templates and either edit an existing or create a new template. Inside the template, check the option for Password Login and then Save the template.


You now can use the Password Login Method. To test this out, you can create a new ticket in Users/Tickets / Create and use the generated Password to authenticate on the Login Page.


Usage with Local Users

The Password Login can also be used for Local Users in the menu Users/Tickets / Users by activating the option at the user configuration. You can either choose a static password or generate a random one.

Other Modules

For the modules Email Login, SMS Login, Online Payment and External Authentication it is sufficient to select a Ticket Template with the Passwort Login option enabled.