Microsoft Login

This manual explains how to set up the Microsoft login on the login page. This will allow all public Microsoft accounts (includes accounts used with, Xbox, Skype, Visual Studio, Windows Live, OneDrive and Windows Phone) to be used to authenticate on the IACOBX login page.


  • This module became free for all IACBOXes with valid Software Maintenance as of 1st December 2016.

  • The login via Microsoft Account is meant to be free, guests can not be charged.

  • To setup the Microsoft Login for your guests, you will need to create and configure a Microsoft App with an existing Microsoft account.

  • The Microsoft login requires at least one valid ticket-template, configured as 0€ (free).

  • In case you use a custom certificate on your IACBOX, pay close attention to change the redirect URL according to your custom certificate and hostname.

Creating the Microsoft App

Open the URL and sign in with your Microsoft account. After successfully signing in, you will be redirected to an App-Overview page in which you can create a new App by clicking on Register new Application.


Now name your new App, select the supported account types (default: Perosnal Microsoft accounts only) and then enter a valid Redirect URI to the login page of the IACBOX. The Redirect URI differs - for example if you use an own certificate, then you need to adjust the domain names. Also it depends on if you use the default login page or the LoginAPI.

Default login page URI: LoginAPI URI:

If you never activated the LoginAPI, then go with the default login page URI. The dropdown-selection can also be left on Web. Proceed by clicking on Register.


The next page will show a summary of the created App. Write down the Application (client) ID and then proceed by opening the Certificates & secrets menu on the left side.


On the Certificates & secrets page click on New client secret and add a new secret here (the name does not matter). After creating this secret, copy the content of the field Value.



  • If you plan on using this authentication, ensure to verify your newly created App by filling out the additional required data in the menu Branding. The required data here includes a public privacy statement, as well as some company details.

System Configuration


  • Before proceeding, ensure that you’ve created a Ticket Template for Social login types. To do so, navigate to the WebAdmin menu Users/Tickets / Templates and create a new template. In this template, scroll down to the section Modules and then activate the checkbox for Social Login. Now configure the rest of the settings in the template and then save it.

At this point you should have saved 2 fields: * Application (client) ID * Secret “value”

Enter both fields at the Microsoft Login configuration in the IACBOX WebAdmin menu Login methods / Social networks / Microsoft. In addition select one of the given Redirect URLs from the drop-down, it must match with the Redirect URL used in your APP settings and then Save.


Login page

After saving this configuration it will take effect immediately and an option to log in with your Microsoft account will be displayed on the login page.


If you’ve created a new theme of the login page, then you may need to manually activate Microsoft Login as login method for it to become visible. This can be done by editing the currently active theme in the WebAdmin menu Login page / Login page editor. In the editor, find and click on Login box 1 (left bottom corner) and then in top right corner, select Social networks in the Tab Element. Proceed by clicking on Save. This will enable the Microsoft Login in your theme.