Linkedin Login

This manual describes how to set up a Linkedin Developer Account and to configure a new Linkedin App with it, so that guests can authenticate and log in on the IACBOX by using their Linkedin account.


  • This module became free for all IACBOXes with valid Software Maintenance as of 1st December 2016.

  • The login with Linkedin Credentials is meant to be free, guests can not be charged.

  • To setup a Linkedin Login for your guests, you will need to create a Linkedin Developer Account and configure a Linkedin App with it.

  • The Linkedin login requires at least one valid ticket template, configured as 0€ (free).

  • In case you use a custom certificate on your IACBOX, pay close attention to change all redirect URLs according to your custom hostname.

Developer Account

In order to create a Linkedin app, you will require a Linkedin Developer Account. Currently you can transform your regular Linkedin Account into an Linkedin Developer Account on this URL:

Creating the Linkedin App

Now create a new application by clicking on My apps, Create app.

Enter a name for your app, as well as your Linkedin Page will be linked with this app.



  • You need to link your company page in Linkedin to this app

Completing the form and click on the Create app button, will then create your app.

Upon successfully created app, then you will be brought to App Settings screen, where you can immediately click on the Auth tab.

Take a note for Client ID and Client Secret in Application credentials for IACBOX Configuration step later.



  • To reveal Client Secret you can click on eye icon

Scroll it down further, you can find OAuth 2.0 settings where you need to entering Authorized redirect URLs for your app by clicking pencil icon on the right, and click on Update button upon finishing


Enter the loginpage URL as Authorized redirect URL:


  • In case you use a custom certificate on your IACBOX, pay close attention to change all domains inside the URLs according to your custom hostname.

Next switch to the Products tab, select Sign In with LinkedIn and accept the legal agreement popup to add the product.

../_images/linkedin_login_8.png ../_images/linkedin_login_9.png


  • The newly added product Sign In with LinkedIn needs to be reviewed first before it can be used, this may take some time. Once the review is done and the product added successfully, the LinkedIn login is ready to use.

WebAdmin Configuration

In the WebAdmin of the IACBOX navigate to Login methods / Social networks and activate Linkedin. Enter your Client ID and Client Secret from previous step.


  • You need to configure a Ticket Template to use with Social Login. If no such ticket template exists, then an example template will be selected automatically.


Click on Save button here also activate Social Login method in Default login page. If you have any other login page, you need to activating it by editing particular login page.

Login page

After saving this configuration it will take effect immediately and an option to log in with your LinkedIn account will be displayed on the login page.


If you’ve created a new theme of the login page, then you may need to manually activate LinkedIn Login as login method for it to become visible. This can be done by editing the currently active theme in the WebAdmin menu Login page / Login page editor. In the editor, find and click on Login box 1 (left bottom corner) and then in top right corner, select Social networks in the Tab Element. Proceed by clicking on Save. This will enable the LinkedIn Login in your theme.

Stored Data

Successful authentications will be saved and can be accessed in the WebAdmin menu Reporting / Collected user data. Please ensure handling the saved data is compliant with the GDPR regulations.