Facebook Login

This manual describes how to set up a Facebook Developer Account and to configure a new Facebook App with it, so that guests can authenticate and log in on the IACBOX by using their Facebook account.


  • This module became free for all IACBOXes with valid Software Maintenance as of 1st December 2016.

  • The login with Facebook Credentials is meant to be free, guests can not be charged.

  • To setup a Facebook Login for your guests, you will need to create a Facebook Developer Account and configure a Facebook App with it.

  • The Facebook login requires at least one valid ticket template, configured as 0€ (free).

  • In case you use a custom certificate on your IACBOX, pay close attention to change all redirect URLs according to your custom hostname.

Developer Account

In order to create a Facebook app, you will require a Facebook Developer Account. Currently you can transform your regular Facebook Account into an Facebook Developer Account on this URL:


You will be asked to become a Facebook Developer:


Click on Register now to proceed with the activation of your Facebook Developer account. Read the privacy policy, then use the switch to verify your agreement. Then continue with Next.


Now you will need to verify either by SMS or by a phone call. After you’ve got your confirmation code, continue with clicking on Register.


If everything went fine you should see the following message.


Your developer account is now ready to use.

Creating the Facebook App

Now create a new application by clicking on My apps, Add a new App. If prompted for the purpose of the app, select Build Connected Experiences.

Enter a name for your app, as well as your Email address and the Category which will be used. In this example we choose Communication.



  • Note that in order to be able to use your newly created app, you are required to provide a public accessible Privacy Policy URL as well as data deletion information.

Now your new app is being created. After this was done, you are now in the configuration menu of your new app. Start the configuration by clicking on + Add Product in the navigation on the left side and select Facebook Login.


After Facebook Login was added, the following screen will appear:


It is not neccessary to Choose a Platform here, instead proceed by swtiching directly into the new Settings menu, which can be found directly over the Quickstart navigation menu entry. This will open the Client OAuth Settings. Proceed by copying the following URL into both fields, Valid OAuth Redirect URIs and Deauthorize:




  • In case you use a custom certificate on your IACBOX, pay close attention to change all domains inside the URLs according to your custom hostname.

After this is done, proceed by clicking on Save Changes which can be found on the right bottom of the site.

Now click on the top Settings entry in the navigation menu. This will bring you to the basic settings of your app. In here, click on + Add Platform and then select Website.


In the next step fill out your Contact Email, the Display Name of your app and the Category selection. Then fill the fields App Domains and Site URL with the following:

App Domains: hotspot.internet-for-guests.com

Site URL: https://hotspot.internet-for-guests.com/?auth=social


  • In case you use a custom certificate on your IACBOX, pay close attention to change all URLs according to your custom hostname.

Before proceeding to the next step ensure that Save Changes was clicked. After this was done, in the middle of the top of the page, toggle from In development to Live. Without this toggle, client authentications will not work.


IACBOX Configuration

In the WebAdmin of the IACBOX navigate to Login methods / Social networks and activate Facebook.


Enter your App ID and App Secret. Select one of the given Redirect URLs from the drop-down, it must match with the Redirect URL used in your APP settings.


  • You need to configure a Ticket Template to use with Social Login. If no such ticket template exists, then an example template will be generated automatically.


Login Page

On the Login Page you now are able to choose Facebook to log in. Click on the Button to get to the Facebook Authentication Page. Note that after clicking on this Button users can access the facebook pages necessary for authentication:

  • Log in on the Facebook Login Page

  • Accept permissions which will be asked for


After this, you’ve been successfully authenticated via the Facebook login.


Stored Data

Successful authentications will be saved and can be accessed in the WebAdmin menu Reporting / Collected user data. Please ensure handling the saved data is compliant with the GDPR regulations.