Best practice

Target groups

Find here a collection of typical use cases

Hotel / Hospitality

In hospitality, the WiFi is a key service provided for the guests. The IACBOX gives operators of guest WiFi portals every opportunity for comfortable, self-managed online access. Typically, it interfaces with PMS / hotel software for maximum automation, coming free login methods for walk-ins and convention/event guests.

Recommeded Modules

  • PMS (Property Management Systems) allows controlled but self-managed WiFi access


Educational facilities use wireless Internet access for students and teachers to access educational platforms, authenticating the different user groups against external databases, login with cloud based professional accounts like Microsoft AD or other. Protocol or DNS based filtering features are valuable and lawful instruments of control.

Recommeded Modules

  • Application Control

Retail business

In shops and malls, IACBOX holds many options in store to welcome walk-in guests, grant loyalty card holders some privilege, place content and ask questions. I-frames, redirects, data collectors are appreciated instruments.

Recommeded Modules

  • Application Control

Health care

Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities use the WiFi online access to grant communication possibilities and entertainment to patients, visitors and sometimes also staff. Separating the guest WiFi form network areas holding sensitive data is as important as barreer free usability and billing options.

Recommeded Modules

  • HIS (Hospital Information System) allows self-managed WiFi access for patients
  • Application Control: Distinguish user groups (for example: by insurance) to allow access to different platforms like streaming etc.


Granting wireless online access to passenger on cruise ships or ferry boats, as well as the crew on commercial or industrial vessels, is an important service, but can be tricky or costly depending on the navigated zones. The smart bandwidth management, protocol filtering and volume restricting tools come in handy.

Public areas

Whether on a market square, in the city hall or in public transport – WiFi online access is a service to citizens and can help them accessing important information like timetables, governmental applications and so on. The WiFi4EU programme encourages even smaller entities for this service, using external authentication tools and an easily recognizable login page as a guidance to the users.